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Bill Fuller, Pyramid Co- Founder, 1941-2022

About Pyramid Tallahassee Studios

Pyramid Studios in Tallahassee is the product of a merger between Pyramid Tallahassee, which opened in 1994, and Pyramid Studios, which opened with a focus on the visual and performing arts in 1998. We currently serve more than 275 students from the Leon County area. Pyramid Studios is best known for its unique arts program, which offers a full range of visual and performing arts, catering to each student’s level of ability and interest. Pyramid performers – including its fabled rock band, The Electric People ‐‐and artists regularly perform locally and in other Florida venues. Pyramid Studios is committed to serving those with severe disabilities as it seeks new ways to engage its students, to provide an environment in which they can find excitement and meaning – and to provide them the opportunity to become full participants in their communities.

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Our Services

The Arts

Pyramid Studios Visual Arts program provides a curriculum that includes a wide‐range of selections for students to choose from, including, painting, fiber arts, mixed media, print making, ceramics and sculpture. Artists exhibit their works state‐wide and receive a paycheck for every piece sold. The Performing Arts program, with courses in dance, theatre and music, includes a much‐in‐demand rock band that performs statewide. The program also stages an original musical for an audience of more than 1,000 each year. Our students learn the history and principles of art and theater in a way that adds depth to their craft. The arts are truly transformative for our students – and for families and the public who come to see their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Person-Centered Care

Students at Pyramid Studios represent a broad spectrum of abilities and age. We also serve individuals needing significant behavioral and personal care supports. At Pyramid Studios, people are not defined by their diagnosis. We work to discover what is important to each student and identify the skills they want and need to lead meaningful lives, whether that means learning how to develop relationships with others or communicating their needs to others. Services include behavior management, sensory integration, repositioning and physical/nutritional assistance that ensure students’ full participation in meaningful activities.

Life Skills

Pyramid Studios strives to provide person‐centered meaningful day activities to our students. Our staff is highly trained and committed to providing a culture of caring and choice. Meaningful activities might include learning vocational or academic skills, making community connections, accessing technology or developing new social roles. Our curriculum includes daily and living skills and activities that help increase students’ ability to problem solve, set goals and make positive choices and achieve greater independence and self‐advocacy.


Pyramid Studios is a partner in the Tallahassee community. We partner with local colleges, universities and law enforcement to educate their students and recruits about people with disabilities and maintain effective relationships with local businesses through the Chamber of Commerce and local networking groups. Our students benefit by participating in vocational and educational community activities and local events and celebrations. We also connect and contribute with the community through the arts. Artwork is on display through the year at local galleries, exhibitions and businesses and our dance troupe and rock band are often seen performing at community events and local entertainment venues.

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