Address Of Pensacola

Pyramid Pensacola believes all things are possible. We are committed to serving our students in innovative ways in an environment where they can find excitement, self-significance and purpose. We are committed to providing a meaningful day for our students by offering choices, inclusion, empowerment and individualization which impact the lives of our students as well as the community.

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Fort Walton Beach

Address Of Fort Walton Beach

Mining talent, fostering creativity and enhancing the lives of the people we serve, Pyramid Fort Walton Beach seeks to dissolve the stereotypes associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities and replace them with positive displays of artistic expression. We provide opportunities for students to develop the skills necessary to be active participants in their community.

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Panama City

Address Of Panama City

Pyramid Panama City is a place where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities discover their abilities, where labels about what a person cannot do begin to fade, where misconceptions about what a person can’t do are tested and where the disabilities are accepted, but do not define the person. We are committed to providing each student the opportunity for a choice-based, person-centered meaningful day.

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Tallahassee Studios

Address Of Tallahassee Studios

Pyramid Studios is an art studio and learning center for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to provide person-centered meaningful day activities to our students in a fun and interactive environment. Each student has the opportunity to develop and grow and is encouraged to be self expressive through a diverse curriculum and a variety of activities.

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Address Of Tampa

Do you believe that people can be more than their circumstances? Pyramid Tampa’s answer to that is an emphatic, “Yes!” We see evidence of that every day as we seek to engage our students, to provide an environment in which they can be safe, find excitement and meaning in each day and become full participants in their communities.

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