About Us

Man pushing a man in a wheelchair in a parade.

Who We Are and What We Do

In 1994, Pyramid opened its the doors, primarily to provide services for adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. Pyramid Tampa opened in 1998. With it began Pyramid’s unique visual and performing arts programs, created as the company’s leadership sought ways to engage individuals whose cognitive, physical and behavioral characteristics did not lend themselves to traditional learning strategies.

Today, Pyramid is widely known for its arts programs, which now employ more than 30 professional artists and performers. The program has grown from 221 students to more than 700. The works of Pyramid artists have exhibited across the Panhandle and central Florida and in Philadelphia and New York City. Pyramid performers have thrilled audiences from Orlando to Pensacola.

While the arts enabled Pyramid to attract a broader range of students, it has never lost its commitment to meeting the needs of students with severe disabilities. Pyramid offers a broad curriculum beyond the arts: computer training, community activities, physical management for students who use wheelchairs, behavioral assistance, education, and life-management skills training.

Each student is offered a variety of classes and activities, which they choose in much the same way as college students select their courses. The curriculum is based on individual choice under the leadership of 150 staff who truly believe in their abilities. Through the arts and other programs, Pyramid offers students the opportunity to earn a paycheck, develop a social role, win the respect of the public, and to gain the social skills, work ethic and other skills necessary to lead full productive lives as active members of their communities.


We exist to meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
We care about the people we serve, our employees and each other;
We provide uncompromised service;
We believe in what we do;
We make a difference.

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