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Candy Canes & Cocktails II

Candy Canes & Cocktails II

Candy Canes & Cocktails II

About Pyramid Fort Walton Beach

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach is one of the original Pyramid programs that opened in 1994 to provide adult day training services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We currently serve more than 100 students from the Okaloosa County area.

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach is best known for its unique arts program, which offers a full range of visual and performing arts, catering to each student’s level of ability and interest. Pyramid performers and artists regularly perform and exhibit locally and in other Florida venues.

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach is committed to serving those with severe disabilities as it seeks new ways to engage its students, to provide an environment in which they can find excitement and meaning – and to provide them the opportunity to become full participants in their communities.

Our Services

The Arts

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach offers a comprehensive arts program that gives students the opportunity to discover new talents and abilities. Our arts program provides students with meaningful experiences that promote expression and communication. Our Visual Arts curriculum allows students to choose from a variety of courses to help nurture innate painting, drawing and sculpting talents, develop professionally taught skills and techniques and earn commissions. Our Performing Arts program includes vocal and dance instruction, theatre and stage crafting. The Pyramid Players have graced the stage of numerous local venues and stage an annual original musical for an audience of nearly 400. Our performers earn performance fees.

Person-Centered Care

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach is known for its ability to serve people with behavioral and physical needs. We advocate for the mental, physical and emotional well‐being of our students. Services include behavior management, sensory integration, repositioning and physical/nutritional assistance.

Life Skills

Pyramid Fort Walton Beach strives to provide students with meaningful life management skills training opportunities that ensure the rights and choices of students. We offer a wide range of innovative programs for the development of life‐management and social skills, including money handling, computer instruction, self‐advocacy and social integration. We offer a varying curriculum that ensures that all students have the ability to get the most out of their meaningful day at Pyramid.


Pyramid Fort Walton Beach offers students the opportunity for community inclusion, integration and acceptance. From volunteering and cheerleading to bowling and vocational exposure to state‐wide advocacy conferences, students are able to participate fully in the lives of their community. Partnerships with local military personnel, businesses and organizations like the Okaloosa Arts Alliance, ensure lasting inclusion, community support and ability awareness.

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