Due to damage incurred during Hurricane Michael, Pyramid Panama City is closed until further notice. Repairs and restoration will begin immediately however there is not a definitive date for re-opening at this time. For updates on the recovery and restoration of Pyramid Panama City, please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PyramidInc/.  We will also post updates regarding the reopening of Panama City Developmental Center (PCDC), where many of Pyramid’s students reside.
Photo of Pyramid Tampa Wins WEDU Award
  • Feb 22, 2018

Pyramid Tampa Wins WEDU Award

Congratulations are going out today to Pyramid Tampa, who, on February 22, was the recipient of the WEDU PBS "Be More Entertaining" Award!

WEDU's annual "Be More" Awards program celebrates the human spirit and showcases the best work by nonprofit organizations in West Central Florida and the individuals that support them.

There are several categories in the initiative including Pyramid Tampa's winning category, "Be More Entertaining." The "Entertaining" award recognizes the uniqueness and effectiveness of a special event and the success in achieving outlined objectives.

Performing arts coordinator Terry Cone, director Megan Haig and student Eric Taylor were on hand to accept the award, which was granted based on Pyramid Tampa's annual summer and winter showcases. "It was a long application and Terry did an impressive job--obviously, because we won," said one staff member. "It was a nice way to honor Terry and her work as she is retiring!”