Pyramid Incorporated, a 501C(3) corporation, was created in 1994 to serve 200 individuals, most of whom faced severe developmental barriers. We now serve more than 700 adults representing a wide range of abilities.

The organization remains committed to serving those with severe disabilities as it seeks new ways to engage its students, to provide an environment in which they can find excitement and meaning – and to provide them the opportunity to become full participants in their communities.

Pyramid is best known for its unique arts program, which offers a full range of visual and performing arts, catering to each student’s level of ability and interest. The Pyramid Players perform across Florida and in Georgia and Alabama. Pyramid’s artists exhibit from St. Petersburg, Tampa and Orlando to the Panhandle. Their work is on display from south Florida to Chicago and beyond.

In addition to the arts, Pyramid offers therapeutic repositioning, physical/nutritional and behavioral assistance, peer counseling, sensory integration, social and life-management skills training and a variety of educational classes designed to increase their independence. Our staff-to-student ratios far surpass regulatory requirements.

Pyramid’s programs are supported by Medicaid and the Medicaid Waiver. That basic support is increasingly supplemented by grants, fund-raising and partnerships with universities and private businesses.

Pyramid’s programs are shaped by an innate belief in the abilities of the people we serve, by a commitment to individualized curricula and a holistic view of our students’ lives.